I live in France and I want to die. In 2003 I ate 21 Imovane 7.5mg (sleeping pills) in 10 sec. In nov 2017 I put a electric wire in my bath. I went in Psychiatric hospital in France (15 times). I do not understand.
School and job

You may Watch The Invasion (Warner Bros.). Psychiatric hospital in France give poisons like Risperdal, Abilify, Solian, Clopixol.. 2019 I don't know with the drugs.. They put Tercian in valium and Risperdal is not same.

A law in Germany

In 2013 (before brexit) I asked to leaving France for Belfast. France did not want.

They tied me on bed. I stayed 15 days sometime. Sleeping was difficult ( I sleep in the side (left or right)). They are stupid and insane..
Gourmelen - Quimper - France Map 2008-present / google Map
2004- Rennes
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In helicopter of Monaco (2011) (I have some friends there), I could reach the driver with my hands.

HDT (Hospitalisation a la demande d'un tiers)
-2000 (daniel le bosser and michelle le bosser (plomelin (dep 29)) sent me there)
-2002(daniel le bosser and michelle le bosser (plomelin (dep 29)) sent me there)
---2008/9/10(?)- french "pompiers" began to breaking my door (with 3 locks) and in multitude times after. The first time I was not in home. When I saw the broken door I went to the insurance (GMF) and they decline for repairing the door. The door stayed open 3 days. After 3 days the pompiers came back and sent me to psychiatric hospital. They did it again. I assured you the noise is amazing when they break the door. Why they did that? After I changed insurance. I chose BNP PARIBAS. BNP PARIBAS decline to refunding the door (broken by the pompiers) and said Police is required. Police opened the door without breaking it.
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-2017 2018

I went in -court- in 2002.
The prosecutor (procureur de la republique) did not approve Psychiatric hospital.
President of the court (le president de le Tribunal) say you(Le procureur de la republique) are inexpert

Life is a building of a struggling mind

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The Cure - Pictures Of You- Live Austin 2013

The Wannadies, Hit

Lord Don't Slow Me Down

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